Aloha From Paul Garrett Hugel on Maui!

This file exists, all right. In fact, I wrote it for the world to see. It's at /keybase/public/paulhugel/

And holy shit, it works. When I edit on my own computer, these sites all instantly update:

If you're testing the Keybase filesystem, this will all work for you, too.

How it works

Keybase proofs for all my cryptographic signed assets on are here Download Keybase and try for yourself Crypto for everyone Not just programmers!
If you want to contact me via the application "Signal" check and see if you have my phone # listed in your contacts
Or contact me using secure open pgp encrypted form at Scientific Analysis & Visualization of the Environment Program website

Here are some of the videos I have produced online.

Sensor calibration process for Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska

Creon Levit Introduces LightForce from paul hugel on Vimeo

Lanai Overlook from Near Summit Pali Trail from paul hugel on Vimeo

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